Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Decision-Making Process for Men and Women Who Want a True Custom Home

Some men and women want to hire a home building contractor so they can have a fully customized place of residence instead of buying a new house that a contractor has built on spec. Some contractors have a base price per square foot on the fundamental parts of the structure, including essential components such as the frame, sheetrock and insulation. Other components then are added to the total base price one by one.

First, the customers create or choose a floor plan when they want to hire a contractor to build a home. After this, they decide on all the details.

Examples of Interior and Exterior Features

Just a few examples of interior features they must decide on include kitchen cabinetry, living room flooring and paint colors for all the rooms. Examples of exterior features they'll choose include window styles and framing materials, type and color of siding, and style of the garage doors.

Optional Features

Those features are standard in nearly all houses. The clients can add many other interior design features that are purely optional. Some examples of these details include a gas fireplace with a stone hearth, built-in bookshelves and a dual frameless-door shower area in the master bath. They may like mosaic tile for an entryway in front, and they will choose the color scheme for this too.


To demonstrate how precise these clients must be when they want a completely customized home, one might consider the design of tile for floors and walls. One type of tile is desired for the front entry, but the property owners probably don't want it extended into the living room or kitchen. The kitchen might have an entirely different tile design for the floor, and the material also can be used for backsplashes and color accents around the countertops.

Many people also like to have ceramic tile in the bathrooms. They can have one color and pattern on the floors and another on the walls or halfway up the walls. Tile in the shower also is a popular choice.

The Plan

This planning stage can be an extensive project, but it should be a fun one as well. Once they have a complete plan, they are ready to hire a contractor like First Interstate Contractors and schedule a starting date. The contractor should provide a reasonably firm estimate of completion time so the customers can be ready to move in, but not have to make arrangements for any significant delay. Anyone interested may learn more at

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